Training Tutorials

Phyllis Walsh has written numerous field-training articles for her regular column in the Golden Retriever News, the journal of the Golden Retriever Club of America. A selection of these columns can be seen in this section, and more will be added periodically. Be sure to check back with us so as not to miss any of them!

Imagine - Discusses the importance of finding the right match between a dog and a potential owner.

Auditions - The importance of the breeders role in properly matching a dog with an owner.

The Responsible Breeding of Field Dogs - Discusses just why it's so important to deal only with a high quality breeder.

My Dog ... A Washout? - How to achieve the goals you set when training your dog for a career in the field. This is part I of a two part series.

My Dog ... A Washout? - Part II discusses things you can do to optimize the success you have training your dog so that you can bring it to its highest level of achievement.

Effective Corrections - A Necessary Part of a Field Training Program.

Selecting a Puppy - What you need to know before selecting a puppy for field competition.

Field Training Problem Clinic - Recognizing and correcting problems before they get out of hand.

The Importance of Timing - There is a time for every season, and in every season timing controls success or failure.

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