Meet the Dogs

SamanthaSamantha - Samantha is a field-bred bitch. Sammy is 2 years old and this is her first breeding. She is a young, no nonsense bitch who is small and quick. Her best attribute is that she is willing to do anything for you and she won't quit on you. She is truly a female without "an attitude". She has lots of heart and endurance and will go the extra mile for you. Samantha is very focused. She has an OFA Good rating and is free of hip dysphasia and has CERF eye clearance as free of hereditary eye diseases and an SAS screening that states that she is free of hereditary heart problems. Field dogs must have good hearts and must be structurally sound otherwise they would not be able to withstand the stress of field training and competition. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a field dog with an OFA Excellent rating whereas this is uncommon in show dogs. Sammy's pups will be of a nice size as the stud dog is a big dog (80) pounds and very well muscled. They should range in color from gold to red and will be very strong and athletic. They will also be intelligent, stable and take everything in stride without getting upset. They would make wonderful agility, obedience, field or companion/pet prospects.

JoseyJosey - Josey is a mature older bitch who is a combination of 25% field lines and 75% show lines. She is big and blond and has a nice dense coat and a large head with beautiful dark pigment on her eyes and nose. Josey has a quiet personality. She loves attention and will do anything to get your approval. Her quiet demeanor is misleading because she is really an active dog. She loves to run and play, however she is just as happy sleeping by the fireside. Josey has her CERF eye clearance, her OFA Good hip clearance and her SAS clearance. She is Out-crossed on Beckwith and Camrose lines (English show lines) and has the best from both sets of ancestors.

Josey's Pups

Jim and JacksonJackson - Jackson is mister tough guy. If you want to do something with a dog, he is the man to do it. He is very persistent and has lots of drive for the field. Jackson is also a "lover". He is loyal to a fault and would put his life on the line for you. Jackson loves to play but can be quiet and solemn when requested of him. A serious, focused dog that is a pinpoint marker. Jackson has all of his clearances, OFA, CERF and SAS. Jackson was imported from Canada where his mom is a Canadian Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion. His dad had Three Stars and only two years old and is not acquiring points for his field championship. His pedigree is 100% field and includes the Sungold lines from the west coast. While he is medium red, his mom is red and his dad, blond. Pups he sires should include a range of colors from blond to red. Jackson is only two years old and has yet to fulfill his promise.

Buck - Buck is one in a million! He is a beautiful dog with the just about perfect structure, lots of coat and feathering and a medium gold color. He also has the drive and intensity of his field Champion ancestors. He is truly the dual-purpose dog. Buck is 8 years old and has his clearances. He has been bred several times and has consistently produced puppies that have all of his beauty and his trainability to boot. The best thing about Buck is his willingness to please and his ability to follow direction when provided or figure out the best thing to do if direction isn't available. Buck never disappoints us. He is an "up" dog that is always ready for anything at a moments notice.

Buck in Snow Buck

Sunny in SnowSunny - Sunny is a medium sized, dark golden male with dense bone, excellent shoulder and rear angulation, moderate feathering, and dense undercoat. Sunny is intense, independent, intelligent and dominant. He is so bold that you must think quickly to be a step ahead of him. This dog is the pack leader, however he has the true golden temperament and is non-aggressive and very tolerant of other Dogs and people, especially young children.

As to his field ability Sunny has demonstrated that he can handle the big league. He was trained by one of the field pros for Retrievers and could handle the pressure of the intense training and the difficulty of the tests. He is very birdy, and a pinpoint marker, quick and stylish. He is also persistent and has plenty of endurance. Sunny runs like a panther, low to the ground, and his performance is effortless. He's the kind of dog people love to watch work because he makes it look so easy.

Sunny has the following clearances: OFA, CERF clearance for hereditary eye problems, an SAS clearance for hereditary heart problems and a clearance for canine von Willebrands disease (vWD).

He is a proven stud and has thrown puppies, which are correct in structure with plenty of drive. Sunny's pups are birdy, agile, intelligent and quick. They also have plenty of drive, endurance and balanced, athletic structure. They are very "forgiving" and are tough enough to take a good correction, which makes them ideally suited for field or obedience work.

Sunny's beauty is in his athleticism. He covers ground quickly, efficiently and effortlessly as he takes each long stride. He is a choice stud for someone who wants a calm, steady, thinking dog who is always in control of the situation and consistently delivers a stylish performance whether in training or competition.