Corbec Farm

Welcome to Corbec Farm, proud home to over a quarter century of Golden Retriever experience.

Corbec Farm is located on a horse farm nestled in the hills of New York State's Southern Tier. Here the Dual Purpose Golden Retriever is still being bred. This is a dog that is at home whether hunting for game or competing at a Retriever Field Trial or Hunt test; competing in the Breed or Obedience ring, or participating in family activities.

The Corbec Dog is a balanced dog, balanced in:

  • Structure
  • Temperament
  • Ability

This is achieved by using the AKC standard for Golden Retrievers as the model of the perfect Golden while including dogs in the breeding program with outstanding pedigrees which demonstrate achievement in the show ring, and at field or obedience trials.

A Corbec dog has all of the qualities that are desirable in a pet Golden or a competition dog. They have health; soundness in structure and temperament; longevity in their ancestry; intelligence; trainability; athletic ability and beauty. The breed standard combined with a sound, balanced pedigree is the cornerstone of the Corbec program. All Corbec Goldens have clearances for hereditary diseases common to Golden Retrievers.

We encourage our clients and potential clients to come visit us. The trip to Corbec Farms is always an enjoyable experience. The area is beautiful during all four seasons, We are a short three and a half hour drive from the New York City region.

Please spend a few minutes to visit us now and learn more about Goldens who are at home ...

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